Canada Wants To Follow UK's "Snooper's Charter"

Canada is looking to increase it's surveillance along the lines of the UK's new, draconian "Snoopers Charter". Canadian officials want record storage, mandatory decryption powers and software backdoors; all to protect it's citizens from terrorism, of course, in line with the UK's legislation.

In the "never let a good crisis go to waste" mode, Western governments seem to be bending over backwards to "protect us" by monitoring our web and data traffic relentlessly, something we were appalled at when the Soviet Union and China did it...
If the government can’t outlaw end-to-end encryption and can’t require companies to use only encryption that can be decrypted, the next best thing is going to be some kind of software backdoor that disables and bypasses an application’s end-to-end encryption. Then the communications could pass through the company’s servers, where law enforcement could intercept it. The government could even get direct access to the backdoor, and then it could use it whenever it wants, with or without a warrant. 


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