How About An Electric Tractor?

Tractors are the workhorse around most farms, used for all manner of hauling and other duties. John Deere is showing a video of a concept electric tractor - which makes sense if you think of it. I'm not sure how much difference a green tractor would make in the grand scheme of things, but it might just work.
In some ways, tractors seem like an ideal candidate for electrification. Electric motors are great for generating the kinds of huge torque figures tractors require, and tractors are generally fairly short range vehicles that live in the same shed every night, making for convenient recharging. They're also very low-maintenance in comparison with diesel gear.
The current model featuring the ginormous battery pack shown below has a not-very-practical 4 hour operational ceiling, but of course this is just a concept at this stage. Farmers work long hours (dawn to dusk most of the time), so they would need a bit more oomph than that.

image courtesy Jalopnik

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