Tesla Clamps Down On Autopilot

Tesla's autopilot feature is getting a lot more "nanny-like", more strictly limiting speed and putting in more "hold the steering wheel" prompts. While this is no doubt all in the name of safety, some owners feel they are getting squeezed and being pushed away from features they may have wanted when they originally purchased the vehicle.

Autopilot - as the name suggest - is similar to the systems on a commercial aircraft that allows the pilot (driver) to relax somewhat during the trip, while not being a fully "self drive" or autonomous system. It will maintain speed, keep the care in the lane and even steer around bends at speed.
Tesla is not only adding restrictions. The company also recently started pushing a new update 8.0.2 to add new convenience features to its vehicles. Additionally, CEO Elon Musk confirmed yesterday that Tesla is making progress to bring Autopilot 2.0 vehicles to parity with the previous generation and that the Autopilot’s vision neural net is ‘now working well.’


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