Yawning Over Rogue One (So Far)

I can't properly explain why (although I will try some self-therapy here), but I find myself more-or-less indifferent about the imminent release of Rogue One, the sort-of prequel to Episode IV: A New Hope (i.e. the first Star Wars move released back in 1977).

While it's nice to get another Star Wars fix before Episode 8 comes out next Christmas, I am generally not a fan of prequels; you already know the ultimate outcome, so what's the point? A gross oversimplification, I know, but that is often how I feel about movie prequels.

I am not that interested in how the small band of rebels actually got the plans to the Death Star, we already know it got blowed up real good (twice). Yet I expect there could be a gripping story there - but  will need to be convinced.

My secret fear is that I am losing a degree of geekiness as I age; I have never read any Star Wars novels or comics, nor watched any of the animated adventures set in that universe. Even though others are making a big deal about it, I don't really care that Mon Mothma appears in Rogue One - I barely know who Mon Mothma is (she was essentially a politician who was also the leader of the Rebels).

I will go and see the movie - hey, it's Star Wars, even if there is no opening crawl - and I may be pleasantly surprised, or even blown away. I will certainly choke down that piece of crow if it comes to it.

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