Han Solo Movie Kicks Off

The Han Solo, er, solo movie has started filming. Obviously (for those who saw Episode VII), it's a prequel, spinning tales of a young, dashing and roguish space smuggler and his "big walking carpet" Wookiie co-pilot.. The cast features Alden Ehrenreich as Han and Donald Glover as Lando (who I am almost more interested to see as a younger guy, to be honest).

Not generally a fan of prequels, but Rogue One was pretty good, so you never know. The movie has been kept pretty tightly under wraps as far as plot, etc. (particularly this early on) but it is filming under the working title of  - wait for it -  "Red Cup". 

Solo, red cup, get it??

The expected release date is May 2018. Gosh that seems a long time away.

image courtesy Twitter and director Chris Miller

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