White Rabbit Project - New Heights Of "Meh"

The White Rabbit Project is a new series available on Netflix featuring three Mythbusters alums - Kari, Tory and Grant - and has them investigating kinda science-y type stuff.

I don't know if my tastes are rapidly changing as I get older or what, but even though I enjoyed Mythbusters until those three were "let go", I found White Rabbit Project so far to be quite lame. 
While the hosts are still likable, there is not a lot of actual information or investigation in evidence here, and about a third of the shows running time seem to be filled with "recreations" of varying quality (and cheesiness).

I have watched four of the available 10 episodes in season one, and although I am still hoping to be convinced otherwise, my overall impression is that more actual content and less tomfoolery would be better. Or maybe just go really silly and make a kind of pastiche of Mythbusters or other science shows; right now it seems to be in a kind of no man's land of "meh".


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