Windows 7 Comes To The Rescue

Notwithstanding that Microsoft appears to be launching a "Windows 7 is crap" campaign at the moment, I just ended up - oddly - with a Windows 7 laptop as my main computer at home. I say "oddly" as I have been a pretty staunch desktop Linux user for the past few years - putting aside a couple of abortive stints with Windows 8 and 10.

I did not fall off the Linux wagon, but rather a series of hardware glitches led me to ravage my otherwise trusty 5-year-old AMD-powered Samsung laptop and end up with a formerly wonky "spare" older model ThinkPad as my working hardware.

To shorten an otherwise even-longer-than-usual anecdote from yours truly, the device hereinafter referred to as "StinkPad" was not playing particularly nice with a couple of new Linux distros I threw at it (Zorin OS 12 and Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon), and I thought I might try Windows 7 - which has been working fine for the past 72 hours or so.

Not entirely clear what the issue was in Linux, although I am guessing it had something to do with the Intel graphics in the StinkPad, as both distros seemed to exhibit uncharacteristic (to my experience) graphical glitches. Regardless, Windows 7 seems happy, although it took quite a few hours to get it reasonably secure and useful - requiring interminable Windows updates, and several pieces of security and other software.

I use Windows 7 at work and am quite comfortable with it, but I suspect I will drift back to Linux at some point. Our main computer at home is also a Windows 7 desktop, as Mrs Oldgoat must be able to play her Flash games, so it's an "all Windows" environment in our home at least for a while.

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