A Look At The 2017 Visual Effects Oscars

I confess I have not actually seen an "Oscars" TV broadcast for 5 or 6 years - more truthfully, I have actively avoided them. As a show that features supposedly the best actors and other talents, it often comes off looking like a high-dollar version of SNL, with everyone desperately trying to squint at their teleprompter. 

This year I expect it to be particulary tiresome, as everyone's favorite target du jour, President Trump, will no doubt be ridiculed and demonized at every opportunity. Ummm, no thanks. If I want to see that, I only have to watch the cable news or late night TV.

My griping aside, the Oscar nominees for "Best Visual Effects" show us how far (and prevalent) visual effects have become in a lot of movies - for good or ill. 

Digital Trends has a look at the nominees with clips and other tidbits.

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