Another Flying Car Story

We all know what we want our flying cars to look like; either like Doc Brown's DeLorean or like Rick Deckard's flying cop car from Blade Runner. Simply, we want a cool car that also can fly (or at least that's my little fantasy).

The main fly in the ointment is that those portrayals use conveniently unspecified methods of propulsion (kinda like Tony Stark's repulsor technology) - there are no props or jet engines being used in these Sci-Fi vehicles - just some mysterious, compact, powerful (and rather quiet) source of lift and propulsion.

Consequently, most of our current meager crop of "flying cars" are weird combinations of small aircraft that in a pinch could be driven on public roads from airfield to airfield. Meh.

The latest effort from the city of Dubai in the UAE does not even pretend to be a road vehicle, even though this article keeps referring to it as a car. It's actually a small enclosed quadcopter (ok, maybe an octocopter) proposed by Dubai's Road and Transportation Authority, and is actually a thing that is expected to be used on one of the (apparently very congested) commuter routes around that city.

Even in the extravagant world of Dubai, it's hard to imagine more than a handful of these little bugs flying around on a regular basis, but you never know.

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