My Chromebook Puzzle

Chromebooks are a bit of a puzzle for me. While I am not looking to purchase one in the near future, I have really mixed feelings about the concept. They can be inexpensive, I don't mind a lightweight operating system, and I already use a virtual drive system in pCloud, a service that relies to a great extent on having an Internet connection.

I also have a couple of Android devices, and so the concept of "apps" does not bother me. The only real reservations I have are a) can the web app environment cover my admittedly modest computing needs (probably "yes"), and b) I don't like the idea of having to use my Google account to login and have the big G looking over my shoulder at everything I do.

Of course I realize I am using my Google account when I use Android, but my Android devices are casually used; they are not my "main computer". It's one reason that I use Linux and Windows 7 on the PCs at my home - and you have to take extra steps to avoid using a Microsoft account with Windows 10.

It's not that I am doing anything "bad", and I know I am still being tracked and profiled in other ways as I surf along, I just don't feel inclined to make it laughably easy to sign away what little privacy I have left (to anyone).  

A cheap, lightweight and low-power portable device with a laptop-size display is great, but that other cost might be a bit too step for me.


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