Why Linux Works For Me

I work in IT and I use Linux at home on my laptop (currently Xubuntu 16.04), and have done so now for several years. I am not a programmer, or a sysadmin (I wish!) and I am not even super geeky, so why would I use Linux out of choice?

It's not that I have a deep commitment to the Open Source concept, although I do admire it, and it's not even that I think Linux as a whole is necessarily  "better" than macOS or Windows - so what is it, specifically, that keeps bringing me back to Linux on my several-year-old laptop?

Here are my main reasons, not necessarily in order of importance - and since Macs are out of my financial comfort zone, we are mostly comparing against Windows here:

One - I can install a given Linux distribution on any hardware that will support it without worrying about licensing or monetary cost. This also allows me to try different distros without additional payments or licensing issues.

Two - Most distros come with a good selection of software already installed and other software is generally freely available - again allowing experimentation at little or no additional cost. This also means that "start to finish" install times are faster than Windows.

Three - it's easy to set up Linux with a local user, and to use the OS that way - you don't need to use a Windows ID, Google ID or Apple ID to use or install applications. I prefer it that way, as a general principal.

Four - most modern Linux distributions continue to run well on my 4-5 year old hardware.

Five - using Linux I can still have a secure, modern operating system on older hardware. Newer chipsets from major manufacturers are starting to limit support for "older" (i.e. not Windows 10) versions of Windows.

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