Justice League Trailer - My Two Cents Worth

The new Justice League trailer has dropped as expected, and it is not quite "blowing my skirt up", so to speak. Now, I am not a "Marvel is great and DC sucks" guy, and I actually liked Batman vs Superman (the extended cut in particular), but I know a lot of folk were disappointed by that movie.

This trailer looks a LOT like Batman v Superman to me, which concerns me as to the ultimate success of the movie. Most of the scenes in the trailer are in dark places or outside at night, and consequently has that kind of gloomy color palette of the earlier movie. Of course, the actual Justice League movie may not end up quite like that, but the trailer at least is presented that way.

The way the characters appear seems fine to me, I know almost nothing about either Cyborg or Aquaman, but I like the way the "guy who talks to fish" seems wild and unpredictable (and a bit menacing) - that could be fun. 

I did not get much sense of Cyborg from the trailer, although I am kind of hoping for a "good guy to have at your back" like Falcon in Marvel's Avengers. Please don't let him be tossed in there just to make up the numbers.

As this will be the sort of "Avengers assemble!" movie for the JL, the music was cornily appropriate (a cover of "Come Together"). The flashes of humor seemed fine too, but no Superman to be seen anywhere that I could notice, but a quick glimpse of Lois Lane. Cunning marketing ploy?

Overall, a "B-minus" from yours truly.

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