Samsung Galaxy S8 With 6GB RAM In China?

The amount of RAM in smartphones is creeping up, as one might expect in the competitive technology world. My first (cheap) smartphone had 512MB, my second (cheap) one had 1GB and I thought I was just the cat's pajama's when my current (cheap) one came with 2GB of RAM - the more observant among you may notice a pattern in my spending habits there, too.

It looks like a version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available with 6GB of RAM, but apparently only in China - at least according to current information, which indicates 4GB RAM for the "rest of the world" model. 

Our current home PC only has 4GB, for cripes sake!
This time however, Samsung is definitely under greater pressure. Not just because of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, but also because smartphones with 8GB of RAM are expected to start showing up in China very soon. Asus announced the world’s first smartphone with 8GB of RAM at CES this year, which is expected to go on sale sometime in the second half of 2017.
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