Classic Mac OS In A Browser

You've come a long way, baby! Both Apple and PC products have evolved remarkably in a relatively short time. As a Baby Boomer, I have gone from having no concept of a personal computer, to carrying around a smartphone in my pocket that would surely seem akin to magic to a NASA engineer from the time of the Apollo missions.

Remember the original Mac OS - the black and white mouse-driven graphical interface that made consumers sit up and take notice? No? Well, you can now experience it running in a browser - another magical sounding concept.
Now, the Internet Archive has some retro computing offerings from the other side of the great Mac/PC divide. Using a version of the PCE PC Emulator that has been ported to JavaScript, people interested in the Mac's early years can run System 6, System 7, and dozens of old apps, including MacWrite and Microsoft Basic using their browsers.
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