Star Wars Episode IX Likely To Feature Some Carrie Fisher - Updated

Carrie Fisher's untimely passing late last year left not only a lot of shocked fans and friends, but a sizeable problem for the folks making the new Star Wars movies. While Ms. Fisher had already completed filming for her (reportedly more substantial) part in this year's Episode VIII, it's not known how much she might have been expected to appear in the follow-up Episode IX.

It's now being reported that Carrie Fisher/General Leia will not be "written out" or recast, and she will appear in some fashion in Episode IX. It is not expected to be via a CGI recreation, such as that seen in Rogue One - where a long-deceased Peter Cushing apparently returned to reprise his role as villainous Governor (later Grand Moff) Tarkin.

The logical inference would be of some brief scenes perhaps cobbled together from whatever footage is available from Ms. Fisher's previous work, somehow worked into the storyline of the yet-to-be-filmed movie. It would seem strange, I think, to recast one of the original trilogy's recurring human characters at this stage, and perhaps strike many as a bit too ghoulish to try the CGI approach so relatively soon after her passing.

*update* Kathleen Kennedy (President of LucasFilm) just stated on Good Morning America that Carrie/Leia will not appear in Episode 9

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