The Last Jedi Trailer - A Couple Of Questions

The Last Jedi teaser trailer was set free at the end of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the original Star Wars movie. The teaser lives up to it's name, and features most of the main characters and a few tantalizing glimpses and sound bites. As is the nature of these kinds of releases, sometimes more questions are raised than are answered - and a couple of biggies occurred to me.

Please understand, even though I am a Star Wars fan, I have not read any of the novels or seen any of the animated shows that may expand the universe created by the movies. I may be making a fool of myself here by questioning things that true "nerds" already know or suspect. 

That said, two big things leaped off the screen at me (as an aside, I loved the initial shot, which appears at first to be a star field, and then turns out to be glistening rocks).

First was the ancient books - you see a small number of very old books in a patch of sunlight. The first thing that came to my mind, believe it or not, was the "Journal of the Whills". The original Star Wars movie title referenced the Whills at some point during the various re-writes and revisions. They were an ancient mysterious order, and are referenced here and there in the other Star Wars materials. 

The name came up recently in Rogue One, where one of the character was identified as a "Guardian of the Whills". So my thought was that these volumes may actually be part of the Journal of the Whills, in physical form. Is Luke Skywalker seeking them, or has he been studying them?

Which brings me to question 2 - what does Luke mean by his statement "Time for the Jedi to end"? It appears to be Luke saying that, but he is in shadow against the outside daylight. Is it the obvious idea that he will die, or has to die, and after that there will be no more Jedi? It looks like he is training Rey to be a Jedi, so must they both die? 

Or is he alluding to he and/or Rey becoming something beyond being a Jedi? Much was made in the previous movies about bringing balance to the Force, and that never seemed to work as expected. Is it possible Luke has found a third way, not just either light or dark Force?

Or do I just need to switch to decaf? Answers on a postcard please . . . . 

JoBlo has a nice trailer breakdown too (below), for those of you interested in such minutiae

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