Black Panther Trailer Is Out

Marvel has unleashed a poster and shortly thereafter a teaser trailer for the Black Panther solo movie. I very much enjoyed the character in Captain America: Civil War, and the way he appeared on screen was very cool - a lithe, mysterious and powerful hero who managed to pull off a costume that featured cat ears.

The poster - I have to be honest - I don't like. I say that only because it has that heavily "photoshopped" look about it (or "airbrushed" as we would say back in the day). The throne setting looks fine, and Chadwick Boseman as our hero looks suitably regal, if a bit too smooth and plastic.

The trailer was much better, although my lack of comic book knowledge led me to be a bit confused as to who was fighting or challenging whom towards the end of it. It did lay out the premise that the land of Wakanda is keeping it's advanced technology under wraps from the rest of the world, presenting itself as a poor African country - a secret uncovered by returning baddie Ulysses Klaw.

We see Black Panther smoothly and efficiently taking care of business, and also some shots of his Amazon-like bodyguards in action, and of some of the technology of Wakanda (which we previously saw a little of in the post credit scene of Civil War). 

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