Relax, The T-Rex Probably Did Not Have (Many) Feathers

I confess I don't keep up with the latest dinosaur research - I get my info primarily from the Jurassic Park movies - and so I was not aware that apparently that these days the Tyrannosaurus Rex was thought to have feathers rather than scales.

So we are saying it was a giant, ferocious chicken that could flip over cars and bite through buses . . .

Not so fast though, as a recent discovery found fossilized T Rex skin showing scales instead of feathers - which frankly makes me a lot more comfortable in my own little dinosaur world. The chicken thing just does not do it for me.

Some scientists seem to be reluctant to fully abandon the feather thing though. I think they maybe just need to get out more and catch a movie or something. I can suggest a couple that might help them.
University of London paleontologist David Hone, who was not involved in the research, told the [Washington] Post that the research “doesn't rule out feathers on... tyrannosaurs, but does suggest they lacked a full coat of feathers.”

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