Google Glass Enterprise May Do The Trick

Google Glass (the augmented reality eyeware from a couple of years ago) arrived with a splash, but then sort of just faded away - apparently becoming another "beta" product from Google that did not quite make the cut.

However, we now have Google Glass Enterprise; a sort of Glass 2.0 that is more specifically targeted at manufacturing/production environments. This time, Google may actually have something - something more than a parade of yuppie "Glassholes" smirkingly showing of their fashionable "know-it-all" eyewear.
It turns out that with Glass, Google originally developed something with promising technology—and in its first effort at presenting it, failed to understand who could use it best and what it should be doing. Now the company has found a focus. Factories and warehouses will be Glass’s path to redemption.

Dark Future For Batfleck?

We may know a bit more after this weekend's Comic-Con panel, but according to The Hollywood Reporter it looks like Ben Affleck may no longer be involved in the proposed future Batman solo movie (or trilogy).

Batfleck, we hardly knew ye
Justice League may be the last time we will get to see this particular iteration of the famous "Dark Knight" character, although until fairly recently Affleck had not only written a script for the new movie, but was supposedly going to also direct it.

More recently though, Affleck stepped away from directing the movie and now we find that his script has been set aside too. The whole thing is a bit murky as to who is leaving whom. 

One might imagine Affleck is miffed that his script was thrown out; on the other hand, the THR article hints that some may consider Affleck to be too old for a proposed trilogy (although he is only in his mid-forties now).

I think it's unfortunate, as I enjoyed his beefy, brawling Batman in Batman v Superman, and expect to enjoy him in Justice League too.

Ah, Hollywood: you make us laugh,you make us cry.

The Incredibles 2 Just Keeps Going

Pixars' 2004 animated superhero movie The Incredibles often shows up near the top of many lists of favorite movies in that genre. Apart from being a fun experience, it had an affecting story dealing with formerly lauded superheros trying to "hide in plain sight" among civilians and just raise their families.

Many (including myself) have been waiting to see if a sequel is forthcoming, and we now know that we not only have a sequel coming in 2018, but that it also picks right up after the first movie finished - with The Underminer menacing the city. 
Speaking with IGN, Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter confirmed that The Incredibles 2 begins immediately after the events of the first Incredibles. "It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on," Lasseter said during an interview at D23 Expo, quipping that only "a minute" will have passed.
Shut up and take my money . . .


Stop Into 7-Eleven For A Soylent Shake

For those of you who are familiar with the 1973 Sci-Fi movie Soylent Green, the snide remarks sort of write themselves - so I won't bother - but the Soylent company has started selling it's ready-to drink meal replacement product at a handful of 7-Eleven stores in California.

Previously only available to order online, and pulled from the market for a while following some reported illnesses, Soylent seems to be reaching out to a wider audience. While I am probably not the target audience, I might try one of it was right there next to the slushy machine.
“We are thrilled to be working alongside the talented 7-Eleven team and look forward to building our retail presence nationwide,” Rob Rhinehart, Soylent Founder and CEO, said in a statement.


World Wide Web Consortium: Web DRM, With No Compromises

The World Wide Web continues to suffer under the endless tinkering and social engineering of various bodies and companies. From Facebook, Twitter, etc. monitoring content, to the latest news that the W3C standards body is signaling it's intention to go ahead and publish a DRM "solution" for web video.
...the W3C announced that it would publish its DRM standard with no protections and no compromises at all, stating that W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee had concluded that the objections raised "had already been addressed" or that they were "overruled."
So there.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Microsoft OneDrive Now Supports NTFS Only

Following a recent update Microsoft's OneDrive now apparently only supports NTFS local drives, not FAT32 or even the newer ReFS filesystem.
While NTFS is the default file system in Windows, people using SD cards to extend the storage on small laptops and tablets will typically use exFAT. Similarly, people using Storage Spaces to manage large, redundant storage volumes will often use ReFS.
FAT volumes can be converted to NTFS while keeping data in place, but ReFS disks have to be reformatted.


Wayward Drone Closes Gatwick Airport Runway

Folks, don't fly your drone anywhere near an airport. It's rather obvious that you shouldn't, but people still do - and it usually ends badly. This time Gatwick airport in London UK shut down a runway for a time and had to divert several flights accordingly.

Even "toy" grade quadcopters and other radio controlled aircraft can be considered a nuisance around commercial airspace - and of course if you were flying in a plane at the time you would expect the airlines to have an abundance of caution. 


"A Film By Peter Parker"

Okay, I generally don't like the description, but this is cute; a supposed VLOG made by Peter Parker (aka your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman). It's pretty smart too, just the kind of thing you might expect a nerdy high-schooler to do if he actually found himself being recruited by genius tech god Tony Stark.

Featuring all the herky-jerky camera work and rough editing you would expect from a nervous, confused and excited kid, it would be a cool way to start the Spiderman: Homecoming movie (I don't know if that's the case, but I would lobby for it). It also features a world-weary and comically grumpy Happy Hogan as Peter's guide and chauffeur.

Fun idea, and well-executed IMHO.

Leapin' Lizards! Volvo's Self-Drive Cars Outfoxed By Bouncy Kangaroos

In a problem that probably would never, ever, come up in a design meeting, Volvo has discovered that Kangaroos confuse the heck out of their self-drive car system, which is undergoing testing for a proposed 2021 deployment. 

Large animals in general are not a problem, but of course Kangaroos move in a unique manner and just "do not compute".
"When it's in the air it actually looks like it's further away, then it lands and it looks closer," Volvo Australia's technical manager David Pickett told the ABC.
While Kangaroos do cause a lot of traffic incidents "down under" it's not expected that this will delay Volvo's progress significantly.