Dark Future For Batfleck?

We may know a bit more after this weekend's Comic-Con panel, but according to The Hollywood Reporter it looks like Ben Affleck may no longer be involved in the proposed future Batman solo movie (or trilogy).

Batfleck, we hardly knew ye
Justice League may be the last time we will get to see this particular iteration of the famous "Dark Knight" character, although until fairly recently Affleck had not only written a script for the new movie, but was supposedly going to also direct it.

More recently though, Affleck stepped away from directing the movie and now we find that his script has been set aside too. The whole thing is a bit murky as to who is leaving whom. 

One might imagine Affleck is miffed that his script was thrown out; on the other hand, the THR article hints that some may consider Affleck to be too old for a proposed trilogy (although he is only in his mid-forties now).

I think it's unfortunate, as I enjoyed his beefy, brawling Batman in Batman v Superman, and expect to enjoy him in Justice League too.

Ah, Hollywood: you make us laugh,you make us cry.

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