Wayward Drone Closes Gatwick Airport Runway

Folks, don't fly your drone anywhere near an airport. It's rather obvious that you shouldn't, but people still do - and it usually ends badly. This time Gatwick airport in London UK shut down a runway for a time and had to divert several flights accordingly.

Even "toy" grade quadcopters and other radio controlled aircraft can be considered a nuisance around commercial airspace - and of course if you were flying in a plane at the time you would expect the airlines to have an abundance of caution. 

Some drone manufacturers are starting to "geofence" their quadcopters so they can't fly into restricted airspace - but these would typically be the larger, more expensive models with GPS navigation. 

However, there are plenty of large toy grade models that can fly in an unrestricted manner, and can reach several hundred feet - enough to get sucked into a jet engine and bugger things up (or distract a pilot during a landing or takeoff).

Sometimes people lose control of their remote-controlled aircraft, and sometimes the craft will drop out of the sky, or else will just drift away until the battery runs out (and then drop out of the sky). In either case, if you stay away from airports in the first place you won't end up being the goat who gets flights diverted - or worse.

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