3 Reasons Why Alfred Is Talking To Superman, Not A Green Lantern

I don't often comment on stuff like this, but it seems painfully obvious to me that Alfred Pennyworth is startled by Superman at the end of the latest Justice League Comic Con trailer. A lot of folks are straining to make it seem that it is one of the Green Lanterns that show up, but I feel that is an attempt to get clicks more that anything else - there is very little "proof" of that from what I have seen.

Batman's butler and aide-de-camp, Alfred, is surprised by a visitor that we never see in the short scene. In the second part of the scene, we appear to be viewing Alfred from over the shoulder of the mysterious guest.

My thinking is as follows:

1 - We already know that the apparently dead Kal El (Superman) will come back in this story, in some capacity, and we briefly see Bruce Wayne/Batman looking at a holographic image with blue leggings and a red cape.

2 - Alfred, although startled, appears to recognize the intruder/visitor and pointedly uses the word "hope". "Let's hope you are not too late". Much was made in Man of Steel about the "S" insignia not being the letter "S" but the Kryptonian symbol for "Hope" - the family crest of the house of El. The card right after that scene says "All In".

3 - I can't see how Alfred would recognize a Green Lantern, and you can see what appears to be the out-of-focus edge of a red cape (or possibly a jacket) in the above mentioned "over the shoulder" shot of Alfred. Nothing green though, and I don't see a green reflection in Alfred's glasses, as some have speculated.

Now, it may we'll be that a Green Lantern does show up, regardless that part of the voice over (presumably by the villain Steppenwolf) says "no Lantern" and "no Kryptonian" are around (to save Earth).

While it's fun to speculate, I really don't see that from the Alfred scene as presented in the trailer.

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