Do We Really Need A Boba Fett Movie?

I sometimes wish I could listen in to one of those Hollywood meetings where they decide which movie concepts they are going to pursue; I'm really curious to know if there is actual thought and research going on, or if it's just "flinging stuff against the wall to see what will stick". 

I kind of suspect the latter, and I further suspect that the reason some of the ideas stick is simply that they have the consistency of a dog turd. 

Star Wars is a hot property (even after 50 years), but I think the powers that be need to be a little careful going forward. The latest buzz - other than the possible problems with the Han Solo movie - is a possible Obi-Wan movie, and maybe even a Boba Fett movie and (gasp) a Jabba The Hutt movie.

Now, I thoroughly enjoyed the Original Trilogy, and I suffered manfully through all of the prequels (and no, I don't think they are better in hindsight). I enjoyed Force Awakens (déjà vu and all) and had a good time with Rogue One (that fan-pandering retcon-fest) - I will also be there, Lord willing, in December for The Last Jedi.

I can maybe see an Obi Wan movie - I guess if we have Han Solo movie, we can have an Obi Wan one too. Boba Fett was an minor bounty hunter character that inexplicably (to me) became cool and mysterious and somehow a "fan favorite". A movie about a lecherous Godfather-like slug seems like a stretch.

Here's the thing; I know a lot of fans read the Star Wars books and novels, and enjoy meandering around in a huge universe of diverse characters. I'm just not sure the rest of the movie-going public will tag along and put bums in the seats for this stuff.

I'm sure they might if there are some great stories in there - but I don't have that much confidence in the writers the studios use, based upon a lot of the kind of tripe we often see in theaters these day.

Even if you took a few great Star Wars novels and made them into movies, that very process seems to be fraught with peril - book-to-movie translations are a very hit-or-miss prospect *cough* The Dark Tower *cough*.

One last thing - all the characters mentioned above are DEAD, in the current Start Wars universe; we know how their story arcs ended already. While you can certainly have movies and stories about people who are no longer with us, it seems a little odd to be putting much effort into reviving dead fictional characters - but maybe that's just a personal hung-up of mine.

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