Apple's iOS 11 Does Not Like 32-bit Apps

The latest version of Apple's iOS mobile operating system is dropping support for 32-bit apps, probably inevitable in the modern 64-bit computing environment.  iOS 11 will not run many apps more than a couple of years old - not that old even in "computer years", but not out of line with Apple Corporation's annual hardware refresh fetish.

While Microsoft may overdo their support for legacy apps and operating systems, Apple is almost the polar opposite in many regards. While one can understand the desire to streamline the codebase and strip out the old, funky 32-bit stuff, booting apps that have not been updated for a couple of years may perplex some users.
Apple has explained in the past that it is relatively easy for app-makers to reversion their products, and its App Store has rejected updates that lack 64-bit support since June 2015.
Even so, the move bucks a general trend for operating systems to support legacy software for longer periods of time.
Its just a fact that technology marches on and the the rest of us have to grab the railing and hang on as best we can (this from someone who is blogging tonight on an old white MacBook running Snow Leopard).

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