Coinhive Ahoy! A Heavy-Handed Revenue Generator

Coinhive has been in the news recently, first when the Pirate Bay site was discovered to be using it, and more recently on a couple of sites owned by Showtime (yes, THAT Showtime).

Coinhive just recently launched, and is presenting itself as an alternative method of revenue generation for websites - it launches a cryptocurrency miner program from the browser.
Users weren't alerted that this was happening, and visitors reportedly found the mining software utilized up to 80% of a visiting user's CPU cycles. Such miners can also notably drain battery life for visitors on mobile devices. And as of this writing, Showtime has been completely unwilling to confirm that this occurred, much less explain how the code appeared.
The Pirate Bay site stopped using the software after complaints were made and issued an apology of sorts:
"As you may have noticed we are testing a Monero javascript miner. This is only a test. We really want to get rid of all the ads. But we also need enough money to keep the site running." 
Just what everyone needs - more crap to slow things down.


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