iPhone X Musings

From the Rambling Comments Department - so, the iPhone X is out; you can tell from the glut of unboxing videos on YouTube. Is there anything that screams "first world" more than an unboxing video, other than perhaps gold-plated toilets?

Regardless, the iPhone X is out in the wild, and I am still not too sure what all the fuss is about. Now, I should confess upfront that I am pretty tight with a buck, and even if I had a grand to spend freely I doubt I would spend it on a smartphone. Any smartphone.

To me the new model is another incremental improvement, not the paradigm-shifting marvel that CEO Tim Cook proclaimed it to be at the launch event. What's he going to say, though? 

I realize Apple still makes cool, good looking stuff, but I think it's less cool of late and I feel they are starting to bang up against the law of diminishing returns. How much longer will Apple customers demand a new iPhone model every year? 

I guess we are not at a turning point yet, but I do detect not a little of the "Ah, but next years model will be so-and-so..." already lurking among some of the online crowing? 

Kinda like us Cleveland Indians fans: "That was a fun season, but next year we will win it all...".

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