Tolkien May Come To TV

The news that Warner Brothers and the estate of JRR Tolkien are in talks concerning a possible TV series is an interesting and perhaps inevitable turn in the days of lavish TV productions. 

It appears talks are involving Netflix, Amazon and HBO,  and the asking price for the rights to the properties alone are pretty impressive - a couple of hundred million dollars.

A few years ago, I would have been thrilled at this news - and while I am still curious, I am afraid Peter Jackson sort of ruined it for me with the Hobbit movies. The original Lord of the Rings trilogy has a special place in my heart, but the later Hobbit trilogy was mostly an overblown mess, at least to me.

With the quality of some of the recent TV shows they might bring me back, but I am dubious. From what I can find, the shows would not involve material from The Silmarillion, a separate Tolkien property in legal terms, and one that has not yet been dramatized in any way (although some was alluded to in the movie original trilogy).

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