Windows 10 Hard-Coded Edge Redirects

See, this kind of stuff is the reason I quit using Windows 10 on my laptop again. Windows 10 is actually a nice operating system in most regards. The thing that keeps alienating me is the "we know best" attitude from Microsoft. I am old enough and stubborn enough for that to bother me.

We already had the "telemetry" (spying) debacle, then Windows 10 kept resetting configuration settings during major updates (and removingsoftware that Microsoft did not consider compatible).

The latest twist (one that I sort of suspected, but had not really proven to my self) is that Windows 10 generates some hard-code links that only open in Microsoft Edge, regardless of what your default browser is set too. 

I'm sorry, that just sticks in my craw. There is something you can do about it through some 3rd party software (which Microsoft will probably list for forced removal in the future), but why??

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