A Cryptomining Catastrophe

Here is an example of how life sometimes just has a bit of fun with you.

I mentioned very recently that I was going to try my hand at mining cryptocurrency - it's done with one or more high-power video cards, and you can make a little bit of money by doing so, depending on various things.

Anyway the VERY DAY I got my spiffy new mining-ready video card on the doorstep, the site I was going to use in the mining process was hacked (and supposedly lost the equivalent of over $60 million dollars).


What to do? I was very close to returning the as-yet-unopened video card and just writing the whole episode off as a fever dream; but there is more than one way to skin a cat, and after a wee bit of soul-searching I pressed on and used another service. It was a little more of a pain to setup (convenience was one of NiceHash's attractions to "newbies" like me), but not horribly so.

Apparently the whole cryptocash thing is a bit more like the Wild West than I thought...

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