Dual Mining Ethereum And Sia Coin With Claymore *updated*

As previously posted, I started GPU mining for cryptocurrency a couple of weeks ago. It's a small scale project, with a single GPU at this time (although a second, cheaper card is on order - after I was sure the thing actually worked).

I have had a couple of payouts thus far, and I also realized that I can actually mine for two types of coins at the same time, on the same single GPU. The software I use is Claymore's miner, which allows for that feature with very little "drag" on the mining of the main coin - in my case, Ethereum.

Working away... (click to embiggen)

The second coin I am mining is Siacoin - no, I had not heard of it either. It's currently a very low value coin, worth only a few US cents per coin right now, but it has been gaining and there is plenty of "upside" since it is initially at such a low level.

The only "cost" to me, other than a little effort setting up the miner to do this, is that the card works a little harder - the fan speed is up from typically 23% to around 33%. That means a bit more power draw on the system; appears to be around 20-30 Watts more, although I have not measured it accurately yet.

The drop in hash rate (the main measure of performance in mining Ethereum) is about 0.7 MH/s (megahashes per second), which was offset by a small tweak in the GPUs memory clock I did the other day  - so my hash rate is essentially unchanged from a couple of days ago, even though I am now mining two coins.

The actual set up is pretty straightforward:

First, set up a SiaCoin wallet - you can download the official wallet app from here.

Second, alter the Claymore startup batch file to include the Sia mining pool. My Ethereum pool is with, and the Sia pool is with - apparently you can mix pools, which is pretty neat.

*update* I recently changed my Sia coin pool to, and seem to be getting better results as far as the number of Sia coins mined per day. Your mileage may vary, of course - just a way of encouraging you to experiment a little.

I monitor the mining via the two sites, and (now using, see update above)

Here is a written guide (goes over obtaining the Claymore mining software too)

Another written guide (a little more information on the Siacoin part)

Video - setting up the Siacoin wallet

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