Mulling My Minor Mining Move

So I took a first couple of steps into trying my hand (or my GPU) at mining for cryptocurrency. Not all the hardware is set up yet, I just built the basic platform today and ordered a suitable video card.

No multi-GPU extravaganza here like the image below, this is really just a home-built PC that can be re-purposed as a semi-decent gaming PC if and when this all blows up in my face. Bear in mind folks, I know *just* enough about this to get myself into hot water.

I am not one to throw a few hundred bucks around lightly; there was much hand-wringing, I can assure you. I have no illusion of making big profits either. If I can make enough for gas money, over and above the cost of the equipment and electricity, I will be well pleased.

From what I have researched, that modest goal *should* be possible - but with the volatility in the whole field, who really knows? I'd just hate to think that in a couple of years I would be thinking, "You know, I really should have looked into that when I had the chance...".

While I realize I am coming in a bit late to the world of cryptocurrency mining, I plan to stick at it for a year at least so I can pay off the equipment and hopefully make some profit too. We shall see if I end up with egg on my face or not.

Er, no, not mine(r). Image courtesy of

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