My Cryptomining 10-Step Guide

If any of you have heard of Bitcoin "mining" and wondered about possibly trying your hand at it yourself, here is my 10,000 foot guide to the process. "Bitcoin" has quickly become a generic term for "cryptocurrency" in general, in the same way people ask you to "pass them a Kleenex", when they mean any brand of paper tissue.

1 - Buy, build or otherwise cobble together the host computer

2 - Pay way too much for a hard-to-find, high-end video card with the "right" GPU

3 - Research how to set up a wallet, what kind of wallet to use, which coin to mine, which mining software to use, which pool to use, which exchange to use, which high-end video card you *should" have bought

4 - Fret over all of the above

5 - Start mining

6 - Fiddle with drivers and other settings, because you can't leave well enough alone

7 - Wait

8 - Wait some more

9 - Receive a few dollars in your wallet

10 - Try to get the currency from your wallet and bring it into the real world

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