Drone-Based Tree Planting

Of all the possible uses for a small drone, I confess tree planting did not occur to me - another reason I am not independently wealthy.

Apparently, it works pretty well, costs a fraction of traditional methods and can be carried out on rougher-than-normal terrain if needed.

Since trees appear to be the "lungs" of our world, and we cut down a lot of trees each year both for timber and to make room for other crops, they need to be replaced at a huge rate. 

Currently, there is an estimated annual net loss of 6 billion trees - yes, with a "B" - so it seems anything we can come up with to help would be welcome.
A drone loaded with germinated seeds fires pods into the ground at a rate of one per second, or about 100,000 a day. Scale this up and 60 drone teams could plant 1 billion trees a year.

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