Nvidia GeForce Now: Cloudy , With a Chance of Gaming

Game streaming, or "cloud gaming" has been tried before, but this time we have a well-known player (pun intended) in the game - Nvidia, the GPU maker. Their new GeForce Now service promises that you can play cool video games on your lightweight laptop, Macbook, or whatever.

If you have a pretty fast, low latency Internet connection, that is.

The secret sauce is that the games run on cloud hardware and are only streamed to your computer (like Netflix movies) - the game experience should be otherwise "normal" on your end, it's just that you don't need a $1,500 gaming PC to have a decent experience. Just the appropriate pipe to the Internet, as mentioned previously.

I actually see this catching on for a lot of people, as the on-demand vibe seems strong right now. If the games actually play decently (and that remains to be seen with fast-paced shooters and so on) then this could be a viable option for many; just pay a monthly subscription and have at it.

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