Sia Coin Got Forked Up!

A little while ago, I posted about dual mining Ethereum and Sia using Claymore's Miner software. At that time, I also switched to a different mining pool, and was getting good results with the Sia mining.

Well, cryptocurrency being what it is, that did not last.  Sia just performed a hard fork and increased the difficulty quite a bit. So I now look to be mining 4 or 5 Sia per day vs 12-14 per day prior to the fork. Ugh.

Sia currently has a low value per coin (way less than a dollar), but the technology behind it is interesting and it seems that Sia is still worth mining and holding on to as a longer-term "investment" (and I use that term loosely in the crypto world).

At this time, Ethereum is still mining well for me, and is profitable on my small scale set up (3 low-to mid-range gpus).

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