Warner Brothers DCEU Should Really Be Ashamed Of Themselves

Warner Brothers DCEU bigwigs should be ashamed of themselves for the way they handled last years' supposed tentpole movie Justice League - DC's version of Marvel's Avengers, if you like. I thought the actors themselves did well and gave a good effort, but the whole thing was let down by some surprisingly bad CGI work.

I actually enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but the CGI slip ups were definitely jarring in spots, and time has only brought even more of a spotlight on the apparently rushed effects works. 

The now  infamous and sometime laughable "digital removal" of Henry Cavills' mustache was later done more effectively by someone using the equally infamous "Deepfake" software on a regular PC.

Even more recently, the latest Unreal video game engine - yes, a video game engine - was used to create this below, based upon a digitized performance by Andy Serkis.

This looks so much better than the CGI baddie in Justice League - look at the eyes, and the range of expression in the character. Justice League's Steppenwolf looked like a wooden marionette by comparison, for heaven's sake.


Wrangling Linux Onto An Old White Intel MacBook

Several months ago, I picked up an old MacBook - one of the white plastic body Intel ones (model A1181, with 2GB RAM), running OS X Snow Leopard. I basically got it because I wanted to be a bit more familiar with OS X for my job, and the laptop was less than $100 - even I can cough up a Benjamin every once in a while for a good cause.

The laptop has been fine, but I quickly realized the "lock" Apple has on their ecosystem. The OS X version I had was roughly the Apple equivalent of (I'm estimating) Windows XP, and so was still somewhat useful to me in a general way, but not readily upgradeable and very much out of date if I tried to install any additional software - again, much like Windows XP.