A Digital Angel On Your Shoulder

We are seemingly on the way to being monitored even more than we already are, and it's a bit more personal than Google Maps noting how many times we hit the McDonald's drive thru last week.

We already have seen a few instances of smart watch wearers being alerted to medical conditions, and now the European Society of Cardiology is touting an Avatar-based app that can assist potential heart attack victims (where early intervention is particularly critical to survival).

Think of writer/director Kevin Smith who recently survived a massive heart attack, and who had to be badgered into going to hospital since he told himself he was just having bad gas (or anything other than a an actual coronary event).
The SAVE app uses an avatar, a nurse named Cora, to teach heart attack warning signs and symptoms, and what to do when they occur.
Geek Alert - the name "Cora" was also the name of a similar device in the Arthur C Clarke novel "Fountains of Paradise".

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