Crikey - Crumbling Crypto Continues Crashing

It's a good thing I don't have a big financial stake in the crypto markets, as we are really taking it in the shorts right now. Ouch. Whether due to overt price manipulation, chickens coming home to roost or planetary alignment I don't know, but it's not a pretty thing to behold.

Oh, I have a few hundred dollars floating around in various wallets and exchanges, but my small mining endeavor is essentially paid for as far as the hardware, and I try to keep all this in perspective. I am definitely not a big player; probably not even a small fry by any likely measurement - just an enthusiastic tinkerer.

The coin values will rise again; I don't believe blockchain technology is going away, and I think the inherent value will be recognized and will accrue to those projects that earn it. Obviously, not all of the several thousand "alt coins" and tokens will boom again, but some will and I'd like to ride my little corner of that wave. 

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