"Oh, I'll Just Be Half An Hour"...

My little computer projects at home always seem to stretch out far beyond what I envision (I hear a muffled chorus of sympathetic affirmation).

Today I planned to simply exchange two video cards between two computers; half an hour tops, one would think. Same brand of card, albeit different models, both Windows 10 PCs.

Suddenly, almost 3 hours later, I emerged from the basement roughed up but victorious.

The problem arose from the mining computer, which has 4 video cards installed - admittedly not "normal", although most times Windows will grudgingly work with me. Not on Father's Day though.

The transplanted card was not recognized correctly, and it took multiple reboots, uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers (twice), then adding the other 3 cards back in one at a time (with shutdowns and restarts in between, of course).

And just to put the whipped cream on it, I had to complete some Windows updates on top of all that. So you can see how 30 minutes quickly became much longer. 

Even so, I'd rather cope with that on my own schedule (and on the weekend) that trying to deal with it on a weekday when I am working and can't be up late.

And besides, I like fiddling with computers; it's my career. It's just that it can sometimes take soooo long to get to the finish line.

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