Electric Car Batteries - Can We Keep Up?

I saw a cute cartoon this morning (below) dismissing the notion that we may not have the natural resources to keep up with the demand for batteries when all our cars start to "go electric" (which it looks like they soon will).

Despite the assurances given, I hope we do rather quickly transition to some other kind of electric platform, be it some kind of super capacitors, or hydrogen fuel cells, or something akin to Mr Fusion.

To me, the huge amount of "stuff" that goes into battery production and reclamation seems almost the antithesis of the whole notion of renewable energy production, and being "green".

Another aspect that did not appear in the video is that surely the cost of the cobalt, nickle, etc. will rise over time as these materials will become more scarce, or difficult/expensive to appropriate.

We will see old batteries needing to be recycled or re-manufactured as well, and I can't see that being done without a lot of factories, finite resources, electricity, etc.

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