Ninite - A Free Solution For Free Windows Software

As a registered skinflint, I think free software is just great. There is more good free software available than you might think, the problem is trying to find it. 

Some incorrigibles may bundle free software with malware, so that you install evil toolbars, etc. And if you ever do a web search for "free" anything, you invariably end up with a bunch of predominantly scammy results.

One solution is to use the site Ninite, they offer (free) a pristine selection of Open Source and other free software to download and install. 

The better part is that the Ninite installer does several things:

1 - Avoids you having to "deselect" any toolbars and such when installing apps, it's done for you.

2 - If you have several items you want to install, you can get use a single installer to take care of it.

3 - You always get the latest version of a given app, and you can update apps later by re-running the Ninite installer.

I have used this many times of Windows PC, and it's pretty flippin' great, I have to say.

Pick your desired apps from the page below (check one or more from the list), click the blue "Get Your Ninite" button to download the installer file, run the installer and your done.

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