ShutUp10 Helps You Tame Windows 10

O&O ShutUp10 is a software app that is free for personal use, and allows more straightforward control of a lot of already-available options in Windows 10. Essentially, it gathers together settings that tend to be scattered about Microsoft's current PC operating system, some lurking in dark places. 

You could probably think of it as a "privacy app", although that is sometimes a tricky thing to define. The software is also available as a "portable" version, meaning that it does not have to be installed, just download and run it.

In my experience, it also does a pretty good job of making settings "stick", something that does not always happen otherwise when Windows 10 goes through a significant update. Microsoft seems to like to reset things to their preference from time to time, which is particularly annoying if you have changed things for a specific reason.

As with most software, I would suggest allowing Windows 10 to make a restore point when installing ShutUp10, for a little extra peace of mind.

This is the kind of tweaking that could be done with PowerShell or Group Policy Editor, but the software is targeted toward the mere mortals among us, and those who may just have the Home version of Windows 10, lacking some of those tools.

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