Sign Of The Apocalypse #37 - No More CDs

Although the Best Buy electronics chain has not actually stopped selling CDs in their stores as of July 1st (something widely reported of late), CD's are certainly fading away quickly. 

A visit to you local Best Buy will likely reveal a dusty corner in which lurks a small collection of "select CD titles", huddling together for warmth and companionship.

Switching to Old Fart Mode™, I can recall the advent of the CD and the promise of unsullied digital sound reproduction that would last forever. The glorious silence as I cranked up my first CD (Queen, of course), then the booming digital cascade that followed...

While I may be exaggerating the "forever" part, they were definitely seen as a huge "next step" towards some kind of musical Nirvana - now, they are perversely fighting for shelf space with vinyl albums, which have curiously made a comeback among (I guess) the hipster types.

True, we still largely listen to digital music (of which CDs were the mainstream vanguard), but now we stream or download in a variety of formats, and the idea of having a CD collection has apparently become quaint - like bicycles with shopping baskets.

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