The Last Jedi - Let's Move On

I never thought I would be moved to publicly admit this, but I'm getting weary of some Star Wars fans still loudly complaining that The Last Jedi (2017) was a travesty and a disaster, and that it ruined the Star Wars franchise and so on.

It was a very popular movie with the average movie-goer and made a ton of money. I mostly enjoyed it, although admittedly not as much a The Force Awakens (2013). Yes, there were some clunky parts and several "joke" misfires and odd story choices, but I honestly thought it was otherwise entertaining.

When I saw Justice League (2017), I was way more disappointed in that experience, but I am not still bitching about it more than a year later.

C'mon folks, lets move on. Most of you will be camping out to be first to see Episode IX anyway...

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