CCleaner Craps The Bed

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) a long-time favorite utility for many computer users has pushed a bit too far and is now turning off users over a heavy-handed approach to data collection. 

Avast, the company now behind CCleaner after taking over from Piriform, has said it will turn back the changes - but the damage has been done for some users. This comes almost a year after a malware infection fiasco that previously rattled users of the cleanup utility.

These monitoring elements of CCleaner send user data such as anonymous system usage data back to the company's servers, as well as continuously scan systems to inform users when it comes across any junk or browser file, as first reported by Techdows. 
What's concerning is that even after turning off the Active Monitoring feature from CCleaner's menus, it turns back ON automatically whenever users reboot their computer or close the software.
While the parent company has issued the traditional "Oops, gosh, our bad!" mea culpa, and has now pulled the offending version [ v5.45 ], one wonders how long till the next test of the limits of the public's indulgence.

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