It Did Not Really Ad Up

I just removed any ads (I think) from this blog, and so hopefully you will have a faster load time and a bit less clutter.

Google *may* pop their own ads in there, since I use their free Blogger platform, I am not sure - but I have closed out my Adsense account, and removed any ad code I could find.

Basically, the ads were generating almost literally nothing, especially in the last six months or so - not Google's fault, I just don't get the page views. 

In 6 or 7 years of running several blogs on various topics, I generated around $200, I think. Better than nothing of course, but that's not much return on my efforts.

Since the original idea was just to blog about stuff that interested me and maybe make some beer money, I figured I'd lay off the beer and just stick to the blogging in future, lol.

So, enjoy a hopefully smoother experience!

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