No More Twitter For Me

This is not really a polemic about how I think Twitter is crushing free speech, or anything like that. Rather it's part of my withdrawal from social media in general. I use Facebook daily, but not all the time - I usually check in most evenings after dinner and that's about it. LinkedIn I check (maybe) once a month, since I am no longer searching for another job.

I also check some Reddit subs each day - mostly cryptocurrency-related - but don't sign in or comment (I do have a Reddit account, but can't recall the last time I actually signed in). I look at Google Plus maybe once a week, and as far as Twitter, I honestly really never got into it in any meaningful way - other than to post some of my blog articles. 

Sometimes I will use Twitter for breaking news, but again, I seldom actually login to it. So, I closed my Twitter account last week. Yes, there was too much political screeching too, but the main reason was that I just don't really use it much.

I think the only platform I use a LOT is YouTube, oddly enough. YouTube is basically my TV these days. Even then, I don't "engage" much; I usually don't login, nor do I typically subscribe or comment. But there is still a wealth of content available and I can educate and amuse myself as much as I need to.

As far as giving things up, I could easily see LinkedIn as being the next domino to fall. I don't really use it, and I don't really need it just now.

Wow, am I boring!

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