The Electric Car Range Issue

I have noticed quite a few YouTube and other articles of late about whether we really need all the range we seem to want from electric cars. Since internal combustion powered cars typically have a range of 350 or 400 miles (560 or 640km), something like that, many of us seem to expect a similar range to be available on electric vehicles.

The articles I referred to above seem to be prepping us to accept shorter range electric vehicles, and the current (2016) average range of an all electric car (EV) is around 180 miles (290 km), although this is being slowly improved each year. 

Even so - right now, based upon their daily driving habits - more than 80% of US drivers could use an EV for their daily driving (work and back, and whatever side trips one normally makes), charging the car daily (or less often for some). That's fine, and in my case I have no problem with using an electric car, other than the initial monetary cost (which is still high, in my cheap Scottish mind).

However, the range issue is a real one for me. I have a grandson who lives 130 miles away (I actually do, this is not hypothetical) - that's a "close shave"  as far as I am concerned. So please don't try to convince me that I don't need that range when I clearly do - at least sometimes.

For those longer trips, I can't plan to stay overnight to get charged up since we have a couple of dogs at home. With some EVs you can perform a quick charge in less than 30 minutes that gets you mostly charged up (to maybe 80% capacity) for the return trip. However, there are not a lot of charging points between Columbus and Cleveland , and even fewer of the "quick charging" stations.

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