Microsoft Wants You To Have An Edge

Okay, Microsoft, I get it.

1) you pretty much have a captive audience with Windows users
2) you are really pushing the "software as a service" (SAAS) thing
3) you are using Windows 10 to more blatantly track us and sell us stuff

But, please, can you quit just blatantly shoving things in our face? You uninstall apps, reinstall others, and reset OS settings a LOT. The latest is the "Oh, you don't really want to install Firefox or Chrome now, do you?!" dialog.

I know, I know, Edge is better than IE (I would bloody well hope so after all these years!), it's faster, more secure, etc. The heavy-handed approach is not an endearing one though - just sayin'. Google does it too with Chrome, and it makes them look craven too, frankly.

Yeah, that's not creepy

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