CCleaner Alternative

CCleaner has long been a popular file cleanup utility for personal computers. However, following a couple of security-related incidents since CCleaner maker Piriform was sold to antivirus company Avast, some users have wandered away.

While it's true that Windows itself can perform a hard drive cleanup of temporary files, it does so almost painfully slowly, particularly if you require it to cleanup old system files too. 

So are there alternative products to CCleaner that can clean up old, stale files on your Windows computer? Yes, of course - there are quite a few product out there for Windows and Mac, including BleachBit (remember Hillary's server?), Glary Utilties and others.

To keep it simple, I can recommend Wise Disk Cleaner (Windows only). It's free, and is straightforward and fast to use. 

These sort of products are not something you really need to use all the time, maybe once a month for a file cleaner like this (if that much). These can be used with traditional or SSD drives.

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